The history of Kennel Czarik's

Unalaska's Lady Czarina-na the summer 1999

Kennel Czarik's first litter was born in 1996.
Our first brood bitch was"
Unalaska's Lady Czarina-na". Two of Czarina's daughter are among the most winning Malamutes in Denmark, of witch we are every proud.

The arrival of puppies is planned far ahead and, they grow up in the house. We find it very important, that our puppies is around poeple as much as possible and get used to all the noices in a household.

Our dogs are familydogs, but since the Malamut is a workingdog, we think it is important they get activated in several ways. We have used our Malamutes for pulling, showing, obedience, bloodtrail and showing.

To date Czarik's have made 30 puppies, and:

- 8 has achieved a danish certificate.

- 5 has a obedience title (1 male & 2 bitches)

- 8 Danish Champions (4 male & 4 bitches)

- 4 International Champions (1male + 3 bitches)

- 1 Austrian Champion (Bitch)

- 6 has passed the swedish pulling

We are one of few kennels who has dogs that has passed a pullingtest.

If you are interested to learn more of Kennel Czarik's or 
the Alaskan Malamut then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Henrik Westeraa
Snerlevej 3, Hillerslev
7700 Thisted
Tlf.: +45 97 98 11 74

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